Freight and Shipping, Inc. – Ease and Reliability: Freight and Shipping, Inc. Offers Incredible Shipping Discounts!

I heard, via the radio playing nonstop in the pizza parlor tonight, that today and tomorrow (Dec. 20 and 21) are the two biggest shipping days of the year.  The announcer went on to say that people all over the States were holding their breaths and crossing their fingers, hoping against hope that their packages and freight would arrive on time for Christmas.

I can’t speak for any other company, of course, but if you are a customer who used Freight and Shipping, Inc., as your freight company, you have nothing to worry about.

Customers who get a freight quote from Freight and Shipping, Inc., can rest assured that not only the quoted price, but also the quoted dates and times of delivery, are right on the mark.

Whether your enroute freight is a full truckload, or ltl,  it will be at its destination by the promised date.   Just click and fill in the required information, and an email containing your quote will be sent to you without delay.  Note that you are under no obligation; we will gladly give you a quick quote, no strings, and we encourage you to do some comparison shopping.  We believe that you will find that Freight and Shipping, Inc., will prove itself to be the best deal, bar none.

Remember that Freight and Shipping, Inc., can give you a 60% discount, or more, on your shipping needs, over any other shipping or freight service anywhere.

Just click for a Quick Quote, which will be emailed to you promptly, or call 1-877-618-6058, and a genuine human being will take your call.

Freight and Shipping, Inc., can not be undersold, and our service is the highest quality imaginable.  We will not let you down.

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