Truckers Hygiene

Driving an 18-wheeler over the road for a living can be a challenge to your personal hygiene because an over-the-road driver can only take a shower at a truck stop. Sometimes drivers face several obstacles when trying to accomplish this daily requirement.

Firstly, truck stops are specialized and as a result are among the busiest places on earth with limited amount of parking. So, the goal everyday is to start driving early if you are a solo driver and take your mandatory break early enough in order to get a parking space. However, that is hardly possible sometimes when the average driver has to drive between 500-600 miles per day through treacherous weather and traffic. 3pl logistics

Secondly, after spending the night at a rest area because there was no available parking at the truck stop, you need a shower. Sadly, rest areas are not equipped with shower stalls or a solar shower bag. Well, a reasonable person would say just stop and do what you must. The problem is nothing in the transportation business is reasonable and your dispatcher is not going to tolerate you taking a couple extra hours today to take a shower and jeopardize your schedule appointment time which is always set in concrete and not subject to be changed. Freight is king in the trucking business and everything else including the drivers health and family are secondary. After all, they would argue that it is a competitive industry with more companies than freight to go around therefore, large manufacturers and distributors demand their freight be delivered on-time or their lucrative contracts could be replaced.

Lastly, this dilemma could be repeated several times because trucking companies place profit before people without any consideration for their drivers. The trucking industry is been fed constantly by curiosity seekers and the myth that there is a lot of money to be made and that explains the huge turnover rate.