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There are two conventional adaptations of Numerology on the planet today. They are the antiquated study of Chaldean Numerology dependent on the world’s unique root language Chaldean/Sumerian 4,000 BCE, and the Western supposed Modern Numerology dependent on the pre-Roman Empire Alphabet of 22 letters 500 BCE. The two frameworks will be quickly disclosed and stood out to give you from somewhat more understanding on the distinction of the numerology mini-computers.  Chaldean Numerology depends on sound-syllables sound frequencies/reverberation that produces vitality, which makes the vibrational examples of our names. The Western rendition of Numerology did not depend on the vibrational examples of sound-syllables, yet on an oversimplified, straight, and successive task of numbers to the letters of the Western/English letter set.

Numerology, the antiquated study of numbers or the investigation of the essentialness of numbers, says that you are brought into the world with a lot of extraordinary mathematical qualities that speak to vibrational examples which have determinable and describable implications. From those implications we can discover our fate, which we are viable with, what our character is truly similar to, and then some. The quantities of your name and birthdates can show you a plan and outline that uncover the potential your life holds.  In Chaldean Numerology, sound-syllables reverberate to mathematical qualities which recognize and characterize the vibrational examples that influence our body’s physiology and vitality cycles, and affect the unfurling, living, changing condition in our lives. These vibrational examples are then converted into composed structure through the translation of the language of numbers numerology numbers.


The Chaldean Alphabet/Formula appeared beneath doles out eight root numbers mathematical qualities 1 through 8 to the sound-syllables letters of their letters in order. The Original Sacred Alphabet likewise appeared beneath was extended from 22 to 26 letters by the third thousand years simplybuzzes to oblige the language varieties as mankind extended outward. The Chaldean Alphabet/Formula applied qualities to guarantee the exactness of understandings of the examples of our names. One trademark was the intensity of the Number 9. The Number 9 was viewed as Sacrosanct all by itself, holy not  in light of the fact that it was emblematic of the most significant level of profound fulfillment, yet additionally on the grounds that its degree of innovative vitality was higher than all numbers. The Number 9 would never be allotted to speak to a solitary letter of the letters in order.

Chaldean Alphabet/Formula

Mathematical Values with Letters Assigned

1 = An, I, J, Q, Y

2 = B, K, R

3 = C, G, L, S

4 = D, M, T

5 = E, H, N, X

6 = U, V, W

7 = O, Z

8 = F, P

Unique Sacred Alphabet

22 letters in the first letters in order with letters J, E, W, and F being included later

Mathematical Values with Letters Assigned Sound-Syllables